May 23rd, 2013

According to a secret transcript, members of Cooper Union’s board of trustees joked dismissively about student protesters; Jamshed Bharucha called the students’ demonstrations “performance art”; Stanley Lapidus expressed doubts that the pupils “know what they’re protesting.”

"Welcome to 1968," trustee Mark Epstein quipped, adding, "Haven’t been tear-gassed in decades," before dismissing the delegation of trustees for lunch.

More from the transcript—in which the board discusses closing Cooper Union down, screws early decision applicants, declares tenure as good as dead, and tries to avoid scrutiny from the state attorney general—on the Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared blog.

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    Mmm. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. This is even worse given the history of Cooper Union and its original intent, much less the recent...
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    ___________ What Cooper Union should do is, they should put ads in their classes. So, like, when a teacher is leading a...
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    my best friend goes to cooper and was a pretty big part of the protests really sucks to see his passion and dedication...
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    Get mad.
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    This information just freed itself. Freedom of information is the only way to keep the powers that be accountable....
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    this is so concerning
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    education is not a human right god damn do you know anything you can argue it is a positive right but it is NOT a human...
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